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QcTools4j is a Java library that allows to connect to HP Quality Center and available under the BSD License.

QcTool4j requires Java 5.0 (or newer)

An integration with Eclipse Mylyn is available here


  • Com4j: A Java library that allows Java applications to seemlessly interoperate with Microsoft Component Object Model.
  • Log4j: A Logging System

Supported versions of Quality Center

  • Quality Center 9.2
  • TBD... (other versions should work)



  • Connect/Disconnect to Quality Center
  • List of user's domains and projects
  • List of users and groups
  • Permissions management


  • Load, save, update and delete bugs
  • Support filtering
  • Support Attachments
  • Support Custom fields


  • Load, save, update and delete tests
  • Support Attachments
  • Support Custom fields


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